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Industry Experience: 1. Hands-on experience working with patients in a clinical setting, such as an internship or residency program at a chiropractic clinic. 2. Observation of other health professionals and exposure to different techniques used by them. 3. Participation in research studies related to the field of chiropractic care or patient case reviews/presentations for educational purposes. Training: 1. Completion of all necessary coursework required by state regulations and licensing boards governing practitioners of chiropractic medicine, which may include anatomy, physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and business management topics among others depending on jurisdiction requirements; some states may require additional courses including radiology safety or sports injuries & rehabilitation practices before allowing licensure). 2. Demonstrated proficiency in performing diagnostic exams (ie X-ray images), physical examinations, therapeutic manipulations & adjustments as well as other treatments that are appropriate for each individual patient’s needs according to their condition(s) reported through tests results during regular visits over time if needed). Qualifications: 1 .Proof from accredited colleges / universities that applicant has completed undergraduate level education (any major); Bachelors degree is preferred but not always required for admission into Doctoral programs in Chiropractic Medicine unless specific GPA requirement is met upon review process – this will depend on institution chosen for pursuing further training/education). Education: 1 .Completion of doctoral degree program from either nationally recognized school specializing exclusively within field OR regionally accredited college/university offering dual degrees consisting both MD plus DC qualification through joint venture agreement between institutions involved; most commonly 4 yrs long after completing prerequisite study prior entry into formal schooling period - typically 2 yrs duration minimum though longer term commitment might result due higher costs associated with tuition fees when considering range options available throughout country based off financial resources applied towards student loan debt incurred while studying abroad potentially too possibly.
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【募集】キッチンスタッフ 東京 Tokyo


【求人】メディカルワーカー募集 Tokyo


スポーツ栄養士 Yokohama


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Star Star Star Star Star

Jay is an awesome Japanese Freelance Chiropractor.

We have loved your work and communication throughout the gig.

Jay your ability is second to none!

We highly recommend gigexchange & Jay. We have told ALL our friends and family about the service we experienced.

If anyone is looking for an expert Freelance Chiropractor in Japan then Jay is for you!

Star Star Star Star Star

Great Service! Great Communication! Great Price! Very Happy with Leroy!

We had been on the lookout for a Freelance Chiropractor in Japan for ages but couldnt find anyone.

Luckily gigexchange came to the rescue and we found Leroy immediately.

We’ll certainly use Leroy & other freelancers in Japan on gigexchange for our other projects we have in the future.

Taylor in Japan

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